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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Activity Idea: Sorting Seashells

Head Start QuickSource® reminds us that Mathematics Knowledge & Skills refers to the "conceptual understanding of numbers, their relationships, combinations, and operations." During the early years, math skills help children to connect ideas and develop logical and abstract thinking.

Here's an activity called Sorting Seashells that will help children develop their sorting and grouping skills. For this activity, you will need Sea Shells (PSMSS), Colored Masking Tape (CMT), and Brawny Tough Plastic Art Trays (ARTRAY).
Materials Needed:
Sea Shells (PSMSS)
Colored Masking Tape (CMT)
Brawny Tough Plastic Art Trays (ARTRAY)

Let's Get Started:
1. Make a sorting tray by dividing a tray into sections with the colored tape. Create as many sections as you have different types of seashells.

2. Have the children sort the seashells by similar characteristics such as size or shape. Place the groups into the tray.

3. Try sorting the shells by two attributes, e.g., small white shells or large brown shells.

4. Ask the children how many shells are in each group.

Repeat the activity again, this time using shells from biggest to smallest or by texture - smooth shells and bumpy shells.

If using POCET™,  this activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: MA3 Classify and Sort by Attributes.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Activity Idea: Mirror Mouth

Preschool Activity QuickSource® reminds us that "nothing supports a child's language skills like early experiences with speaking and listening." Engaging children in conversations; exposing them to new words; singing songs; discussing symbols and their meaning; and encouraging expression of thoughts, feelings, and opinions through words allows the foundation to be laid for a child's later reading success.

Here's an activity called Mirror Mouth that will help children develop the ability to speak clearly when pronouncing new and existing words. For this activity, you will need Silver Mirror Board (MIRROR) and a Tilt View Mirror (A817).

Materials Needed:
Silver Mirror Board (MIRROR)
Tilt View Mirror (A817)

Let's Get Started:
1. Allow the child to practice saying words while looking in a mirror.

2. Have the child concentrate on looking at his mouth and what it does when talking.

3. If the child is having difficulty with any words, model the word for the child asking him to watch your mouth.

4. Have the child practice the word while watching his own mouth.

If using POCET™,   this activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: LG 4 Clearly Pronounces Words.

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