Discussions Regarding the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (POCET)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Activity Idea: Carrot Top

Head Start QuickSource® reminds us that a child's approach to learning contributes to their success in school and also influences his development and learning in other domains. A child's ability to "stay focused, interested, and engaged in activities supports a range of positive outcomes, including cognitive, language, and social and emotional development. It allows children to acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, and set and acheive goals for themselves." The Approaches to Learning domain refers to the observable behavior that "indicates ways children become engaged in social interactions and learning experiences."

Here's an activity called Carrot Top that will help children learn to maintain concentration over time on a task. For this activity, you will need carrots, water, food coloring and drinking glasses or jars. Discount School Supply's® Root-Vue Farm® would augment this activity by providing an example for children to see how plants grow.

Materials Needed:
Food coloring
Drinking glass or glass jar
Root-Vue Farm® (ROOT)

Let's Get Started:
1. Read the book The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss or The Giant Carrot by Jan Peck.

2. Cut the end tips off several carrots. Place one of the carrots in glass half full of water.

3. In a second glass add 8-10 drops of red food coloring and a carrot tip.

4. Place both glasses in a sunny window for several days.

5. Cut the carrots in half and look inside. The one that was sitting in colored water should show the way water was absorbed. A carrot is really a taproot, like a radish and a parsnip.

Make a carrot salad by mixing carrot slivers with raisins or chunks of apples. Serve this salad at snack time.

If using POCET™, this activity corresponds with the devlopmental guidelines shown in AL3: Maintains Concentration and Interest Despite Distractions.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Activity Idea: My Family and Me

Kindergarten QuickSource® reminds us that social studies help "children become confident, caring and competent individuals" by developing their understanding of personal relationships. Understanding his or her contribution to relationships with family and friends is an important concept for a child to learn.

Here's an activity called My Family and Me that will help kindergarten children identify important aspects of home and community. For this activity, you will need a family picture of each child's family, if possible. If not, our Multicultural Family Puzzles will work well as a substitute.

Materials Needed:
A family photo of each child's family
Multicultural Family Puzzles (MLTFAMPZ)
Pretend Play People (PPEXSET)

Let's Get Started:
1. Allow the child to show the picture of her family to the other members of the group.

2. Ask the child to identify each person in the picture.

3. Have the child explain what each person in the family does to help the other members of the family.

Note: The teacher should always be sensitive to the make-up of each family, including foster families. The teacher should always help the child celebrate each member of the family and never be judgmental of the child’s home environment.

Talk about how people can express emotions by using our Moods & Emotions Classroom Set.

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