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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Activity Idea: Where Did the Ice Go?

Preschool QuickSource® reminds us that science is the "study of the world and how it works. Children are natural scientists and their curiosity leads them to seek answers to questions and make connections. By experimenting, making predictions, exploring, testing observations, and investigating, children learn about the world they live in. " Children can discover many things about the world they live in simply by asking a few questions and observing their environment.

Here's an activity called Where Did the Ice Go? that will help children learn to collect, describe and record information. For this activity, you will need white sulfite paper, sand and water activity tubs, and Colorations® large crayons.

Materials Needed:
12x18" White Sulfite Paper, 500 sheets (12SU)
Sand and Water Activity Tubs, set of 4 (TUBS)
Colorations® Large Crayons, set of 8 (CRL8)

Let's Get Started:
1. Place ice in the water table or tub.

2. Give the children an opportunity to play and explore in the ice with different tools.
3. Ask the children to observe what is happening to the ice as they are playing.
4. Draw attention to the water when the ice is completely melted.
5. Give each child a small journal book or a large paper folded into fourths.
6. Have the children record what happened to the ice by drawing pictures. The first picture should be of the frozen ice with the final picture being the melted water. Observe what the children do in the pictures between the ice and the water.

Extend this activity by freezing other liquids, such as Colorations® Liquid Watercolor™ or various kinds of fruit juice. Ask the children to determine which melts faster or slower.

If using POCET™, this activity corresponds with the devlopmental guidelines shown in SC 2 Collects, Describes and Records Information.

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