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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Activity Idea: Boom Chicka Boom

Head Start QuickSource® reminds us that Creative Arts Expression refers to "participation in a range of activities that allow for creative and imaginative expression, such as music, art, creative movement, and drama." The creative arts engage children’s minds, bodies, and senses by inviting children to listen, observe, discuss, move, solve problems, and imagine using multiple modes of thought and self-expression.

Here's an activity called Boom Chicka Boom that combines repitition and the ability to follow directions. It also introduces children to comparison words. For this activity, you will need a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (CHICKA).

Materials Needed:
 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (CHICKA)

 Let's Get Started:
1. Sit facing your children and begin singing this favorite song. The lyrics are as follows:

I said a-boom-chick-a-boom! [Group echoes.]
I said a-boom-chick-a-boom! [Group echoes.]
I said a-boom-chick-a-rock-a-chick-a-rock-a-chick-a-boom! [Group echoes.]

Uh-huh! [Group echoes.]
Oh yeah! [Group echoes.]
This time! [Group echoes.]
We sing! [Group echoes.]

2. Each time, add a different variation such as: LOWER, WHISPER, LOUDER, FASTER, SLOWER, etc.

Gather the children and read the children's classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault..

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Activity Idea: Word of the Week

Kindergarten QuickSource® reminds us that literacy begins by immersing children in "literacy-rich environments and fostering a love of language and reading." Emerging literacy skills can be supported by planning activities that involve "discriminating sounds, identifying print, recognizing letters, developing a love of books, writing, and appreciation of the rhythm of language."

Here's an activity called Word of the Week that will help children increase their knowledge of words and will boost their vocabulary skills. For this activity, you will need White Sentence Strips (WSE), and a Pocket Chart (POCK).

Materials Needed:
White Sentence Strips (WSE)
Pocket Chart (POCK)

Let's Get Started:
1. A good way to increase vocabulary in young children is to choose a "Word of the Week." A word should be chosen that may be unfamiliar to many of the children.

2. Write the word on a card or sentence strip while the children watch.
3. Have the children say the word.
4. Post the word in a place where it can be noticed often during the week.
5. Throughout the next few days, revisit the word asking the children the meaning.

Have children practice using the "Word of the Week" in a sentence throught the week.

If using POCET™, this activity correlates to Developmental Guideline LG3: Understands More Complex Vocabulary and Displays Listening Comprehension.

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