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Monday, September 21, 2009

POCET for Back to School

Fall often means new classes and students, new projects, new teachers... It's a season of new beginnings. Starting your school year with POCET is a great way to provide parents and teachers a common ground for communication about each child's progress. POCET provides early childhood educators with six easy steps to individualized assessment, and it can be used with any preschool curriculum.
With POCET as their guide, any teacher can identify an appropriate sequence of preschool skills, using developmental guidelines. provided in the POCET binders. These guidelines are divided into eight domains of learning and focus on school-readiness skills, such as language, literacy, math, social & emotional, creative arts, approaches to learning, science and physical health and safety. POCET provides activities that help build skills in each domain, and provides tracking sheets that allow educators to clearly track a child's progress in each domain.
Here's an example of a a language domain activity:
Skill: Follows Directions
Activity: Follow the Leader
Have the child/children imitate whatever motion the leader chooses. The teacher should be the first leader. As children master following this one-step direction (for example, clapping, hopping, winking, waving, etc.) have them take turns being the leader.
There are more listening-skill-building exercises on TeacherQuickSource as well.
Starting the year off with POCET gives teachers an organized, simple way to begin observing and tracking the learning progress of the children in their care.


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