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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Active Play For Preschoolers

Spring has sprung, and before you know it, summer will be here. It's time to get our little ones outside to soak up the sun and get moving! From Preschool QuickSource® we learn that "You can promote children's physical health and development by planning activities that involve fine and gross motor development and by teaching children good nutrition and hygiene." There's no better time to start than Springtime!

Here is a fun activity to try with your preschooler. Animal Moves is a great way to integrate gross motor skills into science curriculum. For this activity, you will need Animal Photo Cards or several pictures of animals.

Activity : Animal Moves

You can use animal imagery to encourage children to move and interact!

Goal: Introduction or enhancement of balance and control during locomotor movements.

Let's Get Started:

1. Show the children one of the animal pictures.

2. Discuss the movements of that animal.

3. Have the children move around the space pretending to be that animal.

4. Repeat the activity with a different animal.

If using POCET™, this Activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: PH 3 Demonstrates Balance and Control During Locomotor Movements.

For more fun activities to encourage and promote optimal physical health and gross motor skills development, turn to Teacher QuickSource® and browse through developmentally-appropriate activities for Preschool and Kindergarten age ranges. Click on Physical Health & Safety and try a variety of active play activities. Now get moving!


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