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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summertime Fun Through Physical Health & Safety

Summer brings us more opportunities to learn and grow through outdoor play. Within Kindergarten QuickSource®, we learn:

"Physical Health and Safety supports a child’s overall education and growth. Children learn best when they have healthy minds and bodies. You can promote a child’s physical health and development by planning activities that involve fine and gross motor development and by teaching good nutrition and hygiene."

This summer, involve the kids in active play on most days of the week in order to promote optimal physical health and development.

Find FREE activities that will reinforce gross and fine motor skills, the understanding of basic safety rules, the importance of regular physical activity and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Moms, Dads, Teachers, Childcare Providers: get started with the following activity, Throwing and Catching. You will need a soft beanbag and a target (optional).

Let’s Get Started:

1. One of the best ways to teach children throwing and catching is to use beanbags. Beanbags don’t roll away and soft beanbags allow for safe activity without injury.

2. For children just learning this skill, have them choose a target. An actual beanbag toss game could be used, or the target can even be as simple as just a spot on the wall.

3. Allow the child to practice tossing the beanbag at the target.

4. When each child has practiced, pair the children and allow them to try to throw the bag directly into their partner’s hands. The partner will try to catch the bag.

5. When the children are able to catch the bag regularly, move them to soft sponge balls. They will roll, but the child should be familiar with catching by this point.

Summer is the best time to explore the outdoors and be active; get the kids out there today!


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