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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earth Day is Almost Here!

Earth Day is coming! Enjoy learning opportunities that bridge the creative arts & curriculum with environmental awareness. As we enjoy the daily treasures that the arrival of spring brings, we should aim to find ways to cultivate environmental awareness and appreciation. Look to Environmental Quicksource® for FREE activities for developing learning outcomes in arts & crafts and curriculum areas, all of which help to foster appreciation for the environment.

Here's a favorite activity to try for children ages 2 to 4 years. This is versatile enough to be done at home, daycare or preschool. You will need markers and journal notebooks.

Citrus Bird Feeders (ages 2-4)

Feeding the birds is a popular activity that toddlers enjoy. This activity will help them to connect with and care for nature. This type of bird feeder is suitable for children with allergies, and an alternative to the traditional peanut butter and pinecone feeder.

Help connect with and care for nature

Let's Get Started:

1. Cut each piece of fruit in half. Using a large metal spoon, loosen the contents of each half of fruit. Put the birdseed into a bowl. Save one piece of fruit of each kind for the toddler to investigate

2. Show the toddler the fruit. Let her hold each kind, look at it, smell it, and taste it.

3. Show her the fruit cut in half.

4. Give her a spoon and encourage her to scoop out the contents of the fruit.

5. After the fruit has been cleaned out, give the toddler a scoop. Encourage her to scoop the birdseed out of the bowl and to fill the fruit with the seed.

6. Put the fruit halves on a windowsill and watch for birds.

Take photographs of the birds that eat from the fruit. Make a bird-watching book. Encourage the toddler to draw a picture of the bird (keep in mind most toddlers are in the scribbling stage of fine motor development).

There are plenty of fun and simple ways to help children understand the importance of caring for our planet. Start with Environmental QuickSource® today, and celebrate Earth Day every day!


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