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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Activity Idea: Restaurant

Infant and Toddler QuickSource® reminds us that language development is critical for toddlers as they learn to listen, communicate and follow directions. Caregivers can encourage this development by "providing activities that stimulate language expression and initiate communication."

Here's an activity called Restaurant that helps children to initiate conversation with others and make requests without being prompted. For this activity, you'll need a Dinner Set (DIN), an Around the World Food Set (AWFS), a Multicultural Food Set (MULTISET),a set of Life-Sized Fruit and Veggies (FOODSET), and a table and chairs.

Materials Needed:
Dinner Set (DIN)
Around the World Food Set (AWFS)
Multicultural Food Set (MULTISET)
Life-Sized Fruit and Veggies (FOODSET)
A Table and Chairs

Let's Get Started:
1. The teacher can set up a restaurant in the dramatic play centers.

2. Encourage the children to have one child take the “food orders” from the other children.

3. A child placing the orders will initiate the conversation and tell the child behind the counter what he wants to eat. Most children have had experiences with this with their family.

Children can learn about nutrition using the pretend play food provided. A possible addition would be Discount School Supply's® Food Pyramid Felt Set (NBFBFOOD).

If using POCET™, this Activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: EL18: Initiates Conversations and Makes Requests.

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