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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spotlight on Language : Birth to 6 Months of Age

Within Infant and Toddler Quicksource®, we learn that "Brain researchers agree that the development of language is critical during [birth to six months of age]. The ability to listen, understand and eventually speak begins to develop soon after birth...The development of language during this time will affect the child’s entire life as she begins to listen, respond and communicate."

Visit Infant and Toddler Quicksource® for critical insights on learning domains including Emergent Language for infants ages birth to 6 months - another great way to supplement POCET™ Infant Toddler.

Support a language-rich environment for infants by exploring and engaging in a wide range of age-appropriate activities today.

You can start with activities that promote and develop Listening and Understanding and Speaking and Communicating.

Be sure to visit Infant and Toddler Quicksource® for even more FREE activity ideas for all domains of learning, including Emergent Literacy, Emergent Mathematics, Emergent Social and Emotional, Emergent Creative Arts, Emergent Science, and Emergent Physical Health and Safety.


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