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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Products Matched to Each POCET Guideline - Mathematics

Find the right products matched with the right curriculum companion! Regarding the Mathematics (MA) portion in POCET, find a developmentally appropriate product aligned with each outcome.

MA1: Can Explore with Materials - find the Activity Table and Activity Tubs to encourage exploration.

MA2: Recognizes Spatial Relationships - find the Toss and Learn Game Board to reinforce "above," "below," "in front," "in back," "to the side," and more as children take aim and toss bean bags at the sturdy game board.

MA3: Classifies and Sorts by Attributes - find the Wooden Pattern Blocks - 250 Pieces to help children sort by shape and color.

MA4: Creates Patterns by Extending and Comparing - find the 500 Unifix Cubes Set to assist children on creating repeating patterns.

MA5: Shows 1-to-1 Correspondence and Recognizes the Manyness of Sets - find the Counting Bears - 96 Pieces in Jar to combine and separate objects based on colors and size.

MA6: Understands Ordering. - find the Classroom Calendar and Weather Center to help children work on the order of days of the week and months of the year.

MA7: Demonstrates Understanding and Recognition of Numerals 0-9 - find the Insect Classifying and Patterning Chart to help children connect the numeral symbol to the number of counted objects.

MA8: Recognizes and Manipulates Basic Shapes - find the Shape Puzzle to stimulate perceptual skills through the different colored and sized geometric shapes.

MA9: Understands the Concept of Measurement - find the Balancing Bear Scale to help children understand the concept of balance and measurement.


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