Discussions Regarding the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (POCET)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Products Matched to Each POCET Guideline - Social/Emotional

Find the right products matched with the right curriculum companion! Regarding the Social/Emotional (SE) portion in POCET, find a developmentally appropriate product aligned with each outcome.

SE1: Show Awareness of Self and Knows Personal Information and SE2: Displays Confidence and Independence in a School Setting - find the Jumbo Finger Paint Paper Kids to encourage children to depict themselves participating in their favorite school activity.

SE3: Expresses Feelings and Is Aware of How Actions Affect Self and Others - find the Moods and Emotions Classroom Set to help children learn to recognize and describe their own feelings and those of people around them.

SE4: Follows Rules and Uses Material Purposefully in Cooperative Play and SE6: Interacts Appropriately with Others by Helping, Sharing, Discussing and Devloping Friendships - find the Classroom Canvas Quilt to encourage children to follow rules and cooperate as they each create their own quilt square.

SE5: Follows Adult Direction - find the Transition Time Book to turn stressful transition times into fun learning experiences with practical, simple activities.

SE7: Demonstrates Give and Take Interactions and Is Able to Negotiate Conflicts - find the Girl and Boy Puppets as the perfect prop for role playing conflict negotiation and modeling good manners.

SE8: Shows Respect and Understanding of Individual Differences and Similarities - find the Colorations® Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads for children to make thumbprints on paper to show that everyone is different.

SE9: Shows Awareness of Individual Family Composition and SE10: Demonstrates Awareness of Community Helpers and Environment - find the My World Posters depicting families, community places, community helpers and children in all sorts of settings.


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