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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Products Matched to Each POCET Guideline - Literacy

Find the right products matched with the right curriculum companion! Regarding the Literacy (LT) portion in POCET, find a developmentally appropriate product aligned with each outcome.

LT1: Identifies Sounds in the Environment and in Speech - find the Toddler Rhythm Band to lead children from their first discovery of noises and sounds to the world of making music.

LT2: Matches Sounds and Rhymes in Familiar Activities- find the 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe Nursery Rhyme Surprise Box to help children "hear" rhymes.

LT3: Shows Awareness of Beginning Sounds in Words - find the Beginning Sounds Pocket Chart to help children to hear the sounds at the beginning of words by looking at the pictures and trying to identify the beginning sound in each word.

LT4: Shows Awareness that Words Can Begin with the Same Sound- find the Alphabet Round-Abouts Puzzles to help children learn their way around the alphabet .

LT5: Identifies Word Parts (Syllables) in Words - find the Unifix Cubes - 500 Pieces to help reinforce the word part concept for children.

LT6: Shows Awareness of How Books Work - find the Books You Know the Words to - 6 Titles to introduce and reinforce the parts that make up books.

LT7: Shows Interest in Reading - Related Activities - find the Foam Journal Craft Kit - Kit for 12 to help create an interest in books and reading.

LT8: Shows the Ability to Retell, Dictate and Predict Story Outcomes - find the Jump, Frog, Jump Storytime Surprise Box to encourage children to predict what might come next in the story. Children can also retell the story with the help of the characters.

LT9: Recognize Environmental Print and Other Forms of Print - find the Block Play Traffic Signs, Set of 15 to help reinforce environmental print.

LT10: Understands the Connection Between Spoken and Written Words and that Speech Can be Written Down - find the Ruled Chart Tablet to help illustrate the connection between spoken and written word.

LT11: Understands that Letters Create Words and Words are Read from Left to Right - find the Magnetic Letters and Numbers to help children start to understand that letters make up words and words are read from left to right.

LT12: Understands that Writing Is a Way of Communicating - find the Colorations® Extra Large Crayons - Set of 200 and Picture Story Newsprint - 500 sheets to make writing fun by creating notes and more.

LT13: Experiments with Different Writing Tools and Materials - find the Coloration® Washable Sidewalk Chalk - 20 Pieces, Smooth and Silky Art Sticks - Set of 24, and Colorations® Washable Chubby-Tipped Markers to let children explore different writing materials.

LT14: Represents Stories and Experiences through Pictures and Dictation - find the I'm Special Self-Discovery Journal - Set of 10 to help children become familiar with putting their thoughts on paper.

LT15: Progresses from Using Scribbles to Using Letter-Like Symbols - find the Colorations® Best Value Unscented Dough - 18lbs. to help children to get the "feel" of letters and how they are formed.

LT16: Indentifies the Alphabet as a Special Category of Symbols - find the Alphabet Rug to display the alphabet at just the right level for children to really notice.

LT17: Recognizes the Beginning Letters in Familiar Words - find the Spell It! Picture Puzzle, Transportation to help children touch and feel and sound out the beginning letter of each familiar word.

LT18: Identifies at Least 10 Letters of the Alphabet - find the Alphabet Lace-Ups - Set of 26 to develop children's fine motor skills while enabling the children to get to know each letter better.

LT19: Begins to Associate Letters with Sounds - find the Bilingual Alphabet Bean Bags to help reinforce the connection between letters and their sounds in both English and Spanish.


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