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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Products Matched to Each POCET Guideline - Language

Find the right products matched with the right curriculum companion! Regarding the Language (LG) portion in POCET, find a developmentally appropriate product aligned with each outcome.

LG1: Exhibits Beginning Listening Skills (Attending) - find the Old MacDonald Song & Story Set to encourage children to listen, sing and play along.

LG2: Follows Directions - find the Tabletop Pocket Chart, 4 Step Sequencing to encourage children to use their reasoning skills, in turn teaching the children to follow directions.

LG3: Understands More Complex Vocabulary and Displays Listening Comprehension - find the The Itsy Bisty Spider Song and Story Set to provide an engaging way to introduce new vocabulary words.

LG4: Clearly Pronounces Words - find the Safe-Sided Mirror, 24" Square to help children to practice their pronounciation visually.

LG5: Express Ideas and Responds to Questions with Complete Sentences and More Compex Vocabulary - find the Animal Hand Puppets to help get children talking, telling stories and using new words.


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