Discussions Regarding the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (POCET)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another POCET Social and Emotional Example

POCET provides four basic activities for each of the 68 Developmental Guidelines which provide a scope and sequence of skills for Language, Literacy and Mathematics, plus five other domains of learning.

Here is an example for the Social and Emotional domain:
Formal Friendship Training
Children become more adept at friendship skills when they are proactively taught. Bestowing the formal status of friendship skills as part of class instruction increases their value. Take time during circle time to talk about how to make friends. Tapping the child lightly on the shoulder, calling the child by name and asking if you can enter play are all good beginning skills. When friendship problems arise in the class, take time during the next circle to model correct behavior and ways to be a good friend.


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