Discussions Regarding the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (POCET)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

POCET Approaches to Learning Example

POCET provides four basic activities for each of the 68 Developmental Guidelines which provide a scope and sequence of skills for Language, Literacy and Mathematics, plus five other domains of learning.

Here is an example for the Approaches to Learning domain:
Be My Partner
Occasionally there is a child who only chooses one task, day after day. When this occurs, a wise teacher will create an opportunity for the child to experience another learning center or task. Assign the child a partner and ask that team to complete a task in a different center prior to working at the center of their personal choice. This will give the reluctant child an opportunity to have a new experience, which will give him or her more confidence or interest in trying something new. The teacher could also be the partner.


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