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Monday, March 21, 2011

Activity Idea: Bug Camouflage

Teacher QuickSource® reminds us that "a child's knowledge of the world and how it works increases on a daily basis. You can help foster children's interest in science by planning activities that encourage children to interact with the materials, living things, and natural processes in their environment."

Here is a great idea from Head Start QuickSource® called Bug Camouflage. This hide-and-seek activity is a great way for children to explore the natural world while learning about how animals use camouflage to protect themselves against predators. For this activity, you will need brown or green leaves, construction paper, and sissors.

The goals of this activity are: to develop observation skills, and to describe and discuss the natural world, materials, and processes.

Before you start explain to the children that many insects, such as crickets and grasshoppers, are the same color as the grass, the trees, the leaves, or wherever it is they live. They are the same color to blend in and hide from animals that might want to eat them.

Let's get started!

1. Go on a nature walk with the children and gather green or brown leaves from outdoors.

2. After returning to the classroom, have the children draw a simple outline of a bug on to green or brown construction paper. Ask the children to cut their bug out.

3. Play a game of "Can You Find Me?" by asking each child to leave the room for a minute (and no peeking). Hide the paper bug among the leaves.

4. Call the child back into the room and ask if he can find the bug hidden within the leaves, just using his eyes. The other children can give clues if necessary.

If using POCET™, this activity correlates to Developmental Guideline: SC1: Displays observation skills.

For more developmentally-appropriate activities, visit Teacher QuickSsource® and browse through all age areas, including Preschool, Kindergarten, Infant, Toddler, and Head Start. Don't forget to explore activities promoting environmental awareness at Environmental QuickSource®, too!

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